Editing Services

Need professional editing for your dissertation, thesis, proposal, prospectus or other academic work? My editing services help writers produce clearer and more efficient papers, articles, and books. I have worked with several graduate students and professors in social science and the humanities. I am comfortable using Chicago and APA styles.

Proofreading || please contact for rates
I examine your work for typographical, grammatical, syntactical, and spelling errors. Typically, this happens after the document has been been content- and copy-edited, and is ready for it’s final once-over, or if the author needs fresh eyes to scan the document for errors.

Copy-editing || please contact for rates
I edit line by line with a keen focus on word choice, sentence structure, writing style, and the coherence and cohesion of the overall work. This type of editing will not disrupt with the authenticity of the author’s voice, but rather enhance it.


Need help crafting your cover letter or personal statement for that job / program / fellowship you have your eye on? Allow me to help you market yourself in the best way using words. The key to a good statement is a story that shows what you want to tell them.

Cover Letter / Personal Statement || $50
I provide comments and changes that will help you market your skill set, experience, and passion to your potential employer’s needs. From format and structure to narrative and language, I can help you craft your cover letter into an effective marketing tool.


Need a second eye on that story you’ve been working on? 

Fiction Feedback || $25
I will look at your fiction or non-fiction piece/manuscript (up to 50 pages) and provide feedback on the character development, plot, and narrative structure. I provide extensive notes that will help you improve your story or essay.



Gizelle’s  attention to detail in sentence-level editing and dedication to clarity transformed my work. She helped me submit a better crafted exam package, consisting of my dissertation proposal and sample chapter. She generously articulated reasons for every change and suggestion, richly informing my knowledge of syntax and grammar. Gizelle treats writing and the use of language like a high art.”

-Mandisa H., English PhD, University of Florida

Gizelle provided detailed feedback on how to make my cover letter tell my story in a more professional, clear, and engaging way. Her work was phenomenal and I refer my colleagues to her when they are looking to start job searching, as well as to  my students when they are applying for graduate schools.

-Patricia J., Assistant Director of East Campus, University of Florida

Gizelle provided much-needed proofreading assistance for an article I was writing to submit to legal journals, correcting  routine grammatical mistakes and noticing when I used terms of art inconsistently.  I greatly appreciated her attention to detail. The article she edited for me was selected for publication in a top fourteen law review, which is considered an excellent placement in my particular academic field.

-Veronica R., Associate Professor of Law, University of Notre Dame


Whether academic, trade, or creative writing, I provide edits and comments designed to enhance the author’s voice. All edits are done using track changes.


If you have any specific questions about your unique project, email me at properwording [at] gmail [dot] com.


I am a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association.