Book Review: The Sun Is Also a Star

Author: Nicole Yoon

Publisher: Delacorte Press

ISBN: 9789045120607

Genre: Fiction


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The Sun Is Also a Star follows Daniel, an Asian-American second son living in the shadow of his older brother, who as fate would have it—Yoon’s words, not mine—meets Natasha, a Jamaican immigrant who is about to be deported, and the two fall in love. This amazing story takes place in the span of only a day—Natasha’s last day in America. I had to read this book because both protagonists are of color, a rarity in most representations of people in love. I love seeing (read: reading) people of color love up on each other. And immigrants to boot.

I’m a slow reader, but I finished  this book in a day. It is so beautiful. It makes you run beside it, makes you keep pace with the breath of its lines, and convinces you of the interconnectivity of the universe and Fate and other capitalized abstractions that are just too new age. But this book gives them practical application. It’s the kind of book that makes you believe that everything will work out in the end, that somehow it has to come together. And you forget that you are a jaded adult who doesn’t believe in these things any more. And you might start to consider if maybe you should begin to again.